There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of achieving and that's your own self.

Aldous Huxley

Fitness sauna sessions


Igniting your inner fire, finding your light, and ultimately, being the best version of yourself, begins with a state of mind.  


Whether you are pursuing a path of wellness - physically, mentally and spiritually; or on a deeper journey of healing and inner work, Inferno Wellness Warrior is blessed to share a range of modalities, working with the body, and gaining more clarity in the mind.  We use a combination of movement, heat, cold, along with nature and the elements to fire up the system and make you feel great!

We meet on the beach at Beach Box Spa for a powerful, full body workout followed by a recovery sauna. Cold plunge, campfire, tea and refreshments, all added to the mix, make this a pretty almighty way to start the day.

Sessions run Wednesday to Sunday, with BeachBells, Power Yoga and BeachBox L.A.B. spanning the schedule. Our full-power 7am sessions incorporate a dynamic 30min workout, followed by a 60min sauna with an additional 15min for changing and tea by the fire. With the sounds of the wave and the birds overhead it's a truly beautiful way to enjoy our Brighton shore!

We are also offering a later fitness session starting at 9:30am Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, which will incorporate a 30min workout with the option to book a 45min sauna. The bookings will be slightly different, with the workout/yoga element booked through Inferno Wellness Warrior and the sauna session booked through Beach Box Spa. Scroll down to book below and you will receive the details for booking your sauna in the confirmation email. 

Sessions are open to all levels and no equipment necessary. Just bring two towels for sauna and changing. 

Single Drop-In Session £20

Weekly Pass £50

Monthly Pass £120

  • An explosive kettlebell workout followed by hot sauna & cold plunge!

    Wed, Sun

    20 British pounds
  • A dynamic vinyasa flow followed by hot sauna and cold plunge and chai!


    20 British pounds
  • A fitness blast for legs, abs, & bum plus hot sauna & cold plunging!

    Fri, Sat

    20 British pounds
  • An explosive kettlebell workout, followed by cold plunge & hot sauna!


    10 British pounds
  • A beachside dynamic yoga flow to awaken the body & ground the mind!


    10 British pounds
  • A powerful but approachable workout for legs, abs, and bum!


    10 British pounds